Registration open!

Registration is now open. Click here (or in the link below) to register for Wroclaw2019. Please register by the end of this month – we need to know how many dorm beds we need to reserve. When you register, you will see a confirmation screen (no email will be sent). We will upload the list of registrants every few days. For questions, contact me (zeijlstra AT

Information about prices

The school is very cheap. The fee, including 13 nights of dorm accommodation is 150 euros, and there is reduced fee of 100 euro for students from former communist countries. For whom that is still too expensive there are also possibilities for (ad hoc) grants; just contact the organizers about that.

Information about the dorms

Here’s some info about the dorms: students and teachers stay in the same dorms, where two students share a single room. The dorm is called Ołówek and is on walking distance to the class rooms. A picture can be found here (look for Ołówek).