First round of teachers: Syntax!

Hi everyone,

Information about the first set of syntax teachers at the EGG 2016 school in Lagodekhi is in! The syntax teachers confirmed so far are:

We are very excited to have these teachers on board! Stay tuned for more updates (both here and on our Facebook page) on more of the  teachers we have planned, in the next couple dates!


Sorry, forgot to add the dates: EGG Lagodekhi will be as usual last week July and first week August, that is 25 July – 5 August (classes).

Accommodation included in the registration fee will also be as usual: 13 nights starting the day before classes (24 July) and ending on the morning after the last class (6 August).

Oh yes, and Facebook says that there will be teachers in morpho-phonology. Well, the track is phonology. Morphology is where it usually hangs out: with phonologists and syntacticians 🙂

Lagodekhi 2016

Here’s spring, and here’s the first 2016 post:

The EGG will be held in the lovely natural resort of Lagodekhi at the foot of the Greater Caucasus Mountains in Georgia, 160km from Tbilisi.

Accommodation will be all luxus for EGG standards: in hotels. But the price will be about the same as in previous years.

Teacher lineup to come soon, keep an eye on this page…