Emily Hanink – Internally headed relatives and clausal nominalization

The nature of relativization strategies varies across languages.  In this course, we will focus on one specific relativization structure: internally headed relative clauses (IHRCs), which are found around the world. Our primary objective will be to examine the structure of internally headed relatives in different languages, and to compare them to other relativization strategies. Particular attention will be paid to i) movement phenomena in IHRCs; ii) the role of nominalizing morphology in IHRCs;  iii)  differences across languages in the interpretation of IHRCs; and iv) the relationship between IHRCs and nominalization/complementation more generally.  The larger goal of the course will be to approach relativization phenomena through the examination of the interfaces.

  • Days 1-2: The empirical landscape of relativization
  • Days 2-3: Movement and the structure of IHRCs
  • Days 3-4: IHRCs and DP structure
  • Days 4-5: Internally headed relatives and other types of (clausal) nominalization

Course materials: https://tinyurl.com/y3kkt674