Confirmation period

Dear all,

This post contains important information about the confirmation procedure: what it is, how to do it, why we do it, etc. Please read this carefully and make sure you confirm your application between June 16 and June 26.

What is the “confirmation procedure”?

We need you to confirm your presence to the summerschool. Only after confirmation your registration is complete. If you don’t confirm, you will automatically be deregistered.


Experience shows that many people who register don’t show up at the school. But those who bother to confirm, do show up. This way, we can plan the practical details of the school much better. Also, the dorm people must know in advance who they will have to host.


You will receive an email (not by me, but by Benjamin Burkhardt) in the next couple of days. This email contains the instructions for the confirmation. Please read it carefully, and everything will speak for itself.

What happens if I confirm and then I don’t come?

If you confirm and then don’t come to the school, apart from sill having to pay, you will have the privilege of being thrown into the basket of rotten eggs J. And, as Klaus Abels’ famous words are: rotten eggs stink! Seriously: rotten eggs cannot register for school in the next 3 years.

So make sure that you have access to email between July 16-26 and send your confirmation.


The EGG organizers