new – morning coffee break

Coffee & tea (and hot water) is now available in room 7.

Please wash and reuse your plastic cup, it’s your own private item. We won’t buy any more.

Change in schedule:

  1. morning coffee break 15 min after class 1
  2. then 15 min delay, i.e. lunch at 12:15, back from lunch for class 3 at 13:45
  3. afternoon coffee break 15 min (instead of 30 min) after class 4.

kick-off party

Come to the kick-off party tomorrow at 8 pm at the City Pub (Kralja Petra I Karađorđevića). We meet at the dorm at 7:45 pm and a local will take us there. Free drinks until 300 Euros are drowned.

Certificate online

If you need a certificate to grasp some credits back home, please

  1. download the empty form.
  2. fill in the classes you want to appear (lecturer, title, number of hours).
  3. print it out.
  4. put it in the in-box that will be set up at the dorm reception.
  5. do that before Wedn evening week 2
  6. we sign and stamp it, and you collect it at the dorm reception in the out-box from Thu week 2 on.