Open podium programme and one more workshop

On behalf of this year’s Open podium organizers Andrea Szávó, Jeanne Lecavelier and Veronica Bressan, let me announce there will be two days of Open podium student presentations – on Wednesday and Thursday from 17:00. Find the program and talk abstracts here.

On Friday, in the last slot starting at 17:00 Florian Breit will give a workshop on Praat.

Certificates of attendance

To get a certificate showing that you’ve attended classes at the summer school:

1. Download the certificate, fill out your full name and courses attended and print it out.
2. Drop the printed and filled out form in the Syntax room and collect it signed by the organizers on the following day or on Friday.
2′. If you are leaving earlier than Friday, come talk to András, Berit or Petra.