Semantics line-up

We have an excellent line-up of semantics teachers at the upcoming EGG. They are:

  • Rajesh Bhatt (UMass)
  • Ana Maria Falaus (Nantes)
  • Vincent Homer (UMass/Paris)
  • Robert Truswell (Edinburgh),
  • and, for a few days: Philippe Schlenker (Paris/NYU)


Syntax line-up

And here are the syntax teachers for this year: Susi Wurmbrand (UConn), Jonathan Bobaljik (UConn), Jeff Parrott (Olomouc), Thomas McFadden (ZAS Berlin) and our own Sandhya Sundaresan (Leipzig). Great team, I’d say. Semantics and phono teachers will follow soon!

org team

As you see the EGG website has moulted, and so has the EGG org team. The four of us now run the school: Sandhya Sundaresan (Leipzig), Markéta Ziková (Brno), Hedde Zeijlstra (Göttingen) and Tobias Scheer (Nice).

Keep an eye on the site, the teacher lineup for the 2015 school in Brno is to come soon…

This year’s school

This year’s school will take place in Brno, Czech Republic, from July 27 till August 7. Mark the dates! We will soon announce the first teachers. But I can assure you already: it will be big fun!