Zobel – Introduction to Pragmatics

Introduction to Pragmatics – Week 2

Course material here.

In this course, I introduce the classical pragmatic phenomena — presuppositions, (conversational and conventional) implicatures, and speech acts — in connection with a basic Neo-Gricean model of discourse.

Class 1: The basic ideas: Gricean pragmatics 1 — Grice 1975, Stalnaker 2014; Gamut 1991
Class 2: The basic ideas: Gricean pragmatics 2 — Grice 1975, Stalnaker 2014; Gamut 1991
Class 3: Presuppositions — Kadmon 1991, Coppock & Champollion 2017; Stalnaker 2014
Class 4: Speech acts — Roberts 2017; Farkas & Bruce 2010
Class 5: Conventional implicatures — Potts 2011; Grice 1975

Note: This class is intended for students that are familiar with the basic ideas of (not necessarily formal) semantics (e.g., Coppock & Champollion 2017: Ch1). The course materials will be made available for participants online.

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