Shikunova – Stress in a lateral theory of phonology

This class is centered around stress and the way it can be treated in such a lateral autosegmental theory of phonology as Strict CV. Its highest tier is the syllabic tier, and its representation of stress is appropriately local — the syllabic unit (CV). Also, an account of the computation of stress placement in terms of projection and incorporation has been developed within Strict CV in order to capture dependencies between stress and syllable weight. Our goal is to discuss what stress systems can be modelled in this framework and how.

We will start by briefly examining the typology of stress and the different kinds of stress/accent systems found in the world’s languages, as well as the theoretical machinery of Government phonology and Strict CV. Next, several case studies will demonstrate how Strict CV can handle cases where stress correlates with syllable weight, length or the occurrence of morphosyntactic boundaries, since stress, weight and boundaries share a single representation in the said theory — syllabic space. We will also review Strict CV Metrics, which achieves an extensive empirical coverage by accounting for those languages where stress is conditioned by weight. Finally, spellout domains and their procedural influence on stress are going to be covered.

Reading list
From the crucial to the more optional

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