Semantics also in!

Information is pouring in thick and fast now. We are delighted to welcome the following egg-cellent semanticists to our 2019 Wrocław team! Simon Charlow (Rutgers), Elizabeth Coppock (Boston), Serge Minor (Tromsø), and Deniz Rudin (University of Southern California). Welcome aboard!!

Syntax line-up

Hi EGGers — We now have information about our syntax team at the 2019 EGG school in Wrocław! These will be: Karlos Arregi (Chicago), Jessica Coon (McGill), Emily A. Hanink (Manchester), Thomas McFadden (ZAS, Berlin), Sandhya Sundaresan (Leipzig) and me (Göttingen).

Stay tuned for more information about the semantic teachers and about logistical information on registration!

Cancellation before July 1

If unfortunately you won’t be able to make it to the school, make sure to cancel before July  1. After that day, you’re participation is binding. Not showing up without a timely cancellation may have consequences for participation at future egg schools.

Cancelation and reserve list

Registration is now closed. Almost 170 eggs in the basket. We set up a cancellation site here in case you can’t make it (but as Marten put it: ‘Why would you?’), and there is also a reserve list, in case you regret not having registered yet. It’s here. We’ll do our best to accommodate everybody on this list, but we can’t promise anything.

List with registered people so far

The list of registrees as of yesterday is online at:…/registered+parti…/564374.html

But we still have place for more poeple! Tell your friends! Bring your relatives! Make Linguistics EGGy again (quote: Marten Stelling)!

If you do not see yourself represented, register again. There will be a disconfirmation period later if you can’t make it after all. If there are any problems or questions, contact the organizers, Tobias Scheer or Hedde Zeijlstra.


Registation is open now (till June 1). Use this link! The non-reduced fee is 150 euros and the reduced fee is 100 euros. This includes accommodation during the entire school.


Spread the word …

Syntax and semantics teachers

And here are the names of the syntax and semantics teachers. Welcome! Very happy to have you all on board.


John Bailyn (Stony Brook)

Hagit Borer (QMUL)

Caterina Donati (Paris 7)

Patrick Elliott (Leibniz-ZAS)

Andy Murphy (Leipzig)

Bjorn Lundquist (Tromso)

Daniele Panizza (Göttingen)

Gillian Ramchand (Tromso)

Yasu Sudo (UCL)

Sarah Zobel (Tübingen)


Stay tuned for the registration information