EGG course certificate

Hi guys, the EGG course certificate can be downloaded here. Download it, print one copy, write down all the courses you have taken on it that you need credit for, and bring the certificate to the organisers (Sandhya, Marketa, Petra, Jeff) by the end of classes on Thursday, August 3. We’ll sign it for you.


Dorm trash :-o

Hi everybody, this is Jeff. Today the people from the dorms informed Petra and me that a lot of garbage was left in front of the dorm, including many empty beers and cigarette butts. This will be an even more serious problem on the weekend when there is no cleaning service. You can find two small garbage cans and three dumpsters right there in front of the dorm. Please clean up after yourself and throw ALL your trash away, including cigarette butts. Keep in mind that cans do not have a deposit and have to be thrown out. Thanks for helping out and please spread the word.

Weekend activities


Hi EGGs! Here are some possibilities for activities near and far, cheap and less cheap. We hope you will enjoy a fun and relaxing weekend no matter what you end up doing!

0. Olomouc
First and foremost, you can explore Olomouc! Check out the churches, museums, and parks. Don’t forget Flora, where there is currently an exhibition of the Terracotta Army!

0.1 Olomouc sightseeing tour in English

This short, approximately one hour long, guided tour takes you to the most significant monuments of the Upper Square (Horní náměstí). The route ends with the ascent of the Town Hall tower, where you get an in-depth commentary on the other sights in Olomouc. The tour starts in front of the Town Hall info center. Please, show up 15 in advance and pay the 70 CZK for the tour in the info center.

Sign up for Saturday 11.00 or Sunday 14.00 in the Library/Common room.

1. Poděbrady
Just outside the center there is a lovely lake area with swimming, beaches, and a pub (or BYO). I suppose you could find a bus there, but why not walk along the path next to Mlýnský potok?

1.1. Swimming and water sports 20 mins from Olomouc – Náklo Wake park

If you want to try paddleboarding, wakesurfing or just want to hang out on a sandy beach, this is a place for you. You can catch a bus from a bus stop in front of the train station or Náměstí Hrdinů, your destination is called “Náklo”.

2. Svatý Kopeček and the zoo
This is a famous church on a hill with beautiful views. There are a couple restaurants in the village and right next door is the zoo! To get there take Bus 11 from the main train station (Hlavní nádraží).

2.1. Paintball at a fort

If there is a group of people who want the play paintball in a historical fort, reservation can be arrranged. Check out the location and prices:

3. Aqualand Moravia
On Saturday morning, Jeff will be going to a big water park near Brno. Contact him if you want to join up!

4. Prague
Anna has generously offered to give tours of Prague! See her information below:
Hi everybody,
my name is Anya and you might have seen me at the opening remarks on Monday. I live in Prague and as a local person I am offering a guided walking tour at the weekends, i.e. on July 29th, July 30th, August 5th, August 6th.
The tour will start at 11.30 at the statue of St. Wenceslas (,14.4300881,17z) which is very close to the train station.
We can move the tour to a bit later if your train arrives later and it lasts approximately 2-3 hours. It covers the most important sights Wenceslas square, Old Town square, Charles Bridge, Prague Castle.
If you want to join the tour, please let me know ASAP, but the latest on Friday afternoon before the weekend on which you want to come, so that I know how many people I should expect. My email is My phone number +420604570546. You can also contact me if you have any other question about Prague which you think I can answer. No facebook, no whatsapp, no anything else. Sorry.
For those who want to go to Prague at the weekend and don´t need the guided tour I am offering some useful information.
Go by train, ideally by Regiojet company train. Here you can buy tickets.
If you have ISIC, you can get some discount.
Here you can find trains of all companies and also public transport for any city in the Czech Republic:
And here you can buy tickets for České dráhy or LeoExpress
In Prague – look for yellow machines where you can buy public transport tickets – 24hours/110CZK, 30 minutes/24CZK, 90minutes/32CZK. The ticket is valid after you mark it – either at the entrance to the metro stations or inside the bus or tram. You only mark the ticket once and you can use it for all the means of transport including the boats which belong to the company – the webpage is here, unfortunately only in Czech.

If you want to eat in Prague, I recommend Einstein pizza places where you get 1 + 1 free pizza or pasta dish or salad if you have valid ISIC card.
If you don´t have ISIC and still want to eat cheap and good in the center, go to Profesní dům or for vegetarians and vegans Beas Dhaba
If you want to treat yourself with smt more expensive but really good and non-touristic, you can try Lucerna Once you´re there, don´t forget to go further into the passage to see a great statue of an upside down horse:)
More tips for those who don´t want a guided tour:
Looking forward to meeting you in Prague!

Opening party

UPDATE: Someone will walk a group from the dorm at 18:45, and Jeff will walk a group from the university at 18:30. For those who signed up in the morning, food will be served between 19:30-20:00. For those who didn’t, you can order at the restaurant but you must do so before 20:30 and you will have to wait a little bit longer 🙂

Monday’s opening party will be at Restaurace Goliáš (1. máje 12: Monday at 19:00. Please check the menu below; we will send around a sign up sheet tomorrow morning during opening remarks and the first classes 

1 Tomato soup with sweet basil vegan 43CZK
2 Pickled “Hermelín” cheese (kind of camembert) vegetarian 48CZK
3 “Ondráš” pork cutlet fried in potato pancake with small salad 138CZK
4 “Ondráš” chicken breast fried in potato pancake with small salad 138CZK
5 Grilled salmon steak with herb butter, homemade pan roasted potatoes with onions and marjoram 224CZK
6 Crepes stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, baked with cheese vegetarian 119CZK
7 Vegetarian risotto with grilled fresh vegetables, mushrooms and sesame oil, parmesan vegetarian 123CZK
8 Vegetarian risotto with grilled fresh vegetables, mushrooms and sesame oil vegan 123CZK
9 Mixed vegetable salad vegan 44CZK