FAQ – practical information


EGG 2024 in Brașov, Romania

This year the EGG school will be hosted by Transilvania University in Brașov in Romania. See the first pieces of practical information below.

Venue/classrooms: Faculty of Letters (Bd. Eroilor No. 25, Brașov, Romania) approx. 1.9 km from the dorms.

Dorms: on Memo campus (32 Memorandului Street), single or double rooms – TBS

See tips on how to get to Brașov here.

Local transport: The Brașov public transportation network is very extensive and services run late into the night; specialized all-night services are also available. Tickets can be bought at specialized RATBv kiosks or from news agents, but remember to punch them on the bus. Even though there are no ticket gates when entering the vehicles, it is advisable to have a valid ticket because ticket inspections are frequent. When someone requests your ticket, always ask them to present a job ID. One bus/trolley bus 2-ways ticket: 8 lei. For travel pass fare and any additional information please go to http://www.ratbv.ro

Local currency: The Romanian official currency is the leu (plural lei). 1 leu has 100 bani. The exchange rate is established by the National Bank. The current exchange rate is
about 1€ = 5 lei. It is advisable to exchange money at banks or at exchange offices
available all around the city.
You can use your foreign debit card at ATMs and you will be issued the equivalent in
lei of the amount of euro or US dollars indicated by you. Romanian ATMs only accept
Visa, MasterCard and Maestro. Depending on your needs, there are several
possibilities for money transfer: bank transfer or special transfer (such as Western
Union), postal money order (“mandat poştal”).