Registrations definite after the confirmation period

Dear all, just to make sure: this is the registration period, followed by a confirmation period. After the confirmation period all registrations are definite, not before. We do not have a strict selection procedure, but we need to ensure that all students fits in the dorm and that people are serious (‘I would like to learn English and I love Hungary’ is not a good motivation to attend Brno15). If the numbers are too high, we have to select on the basis of your motivations. After the confirmation period ( mid June) your registration is definite and you can safely buy your tickets.

New Syntax and Semantics course abstracts!

Hi guys, a variation theme of sorts seems to be emerging in some of our upcoming EGG courses. We have two new abstracts on variation of different kinds: a morpho-syntax  course on intra-individual variation (taught by Jeff Parrott) and a semantics one on semantic change (a much under-researched topic!) taught by Rob Truswell. Both look very exciting, and can be viewed at the Teachers and Classes webpage on this site.

Things are heating up — watch this space for more!

Registration open soon

Registration will start in the second half of May, and we will run the usual two rounds: first you register and provide a short self-description, then in June you confirm that you really will be in Brno. If you confirm and don’t come, you’ll be a rotten egg, and these don’t smell good.