Murphy – Introduction to syntax (Part I)

Introduction to syntax (Part I)
This class will provide an introduction to Minimalist syntax. We will discuss fundamental notions such as constituency, c-command, Merge and Agree, as well as the empirical motivation for functional categories such as v, T, D and C. While much of the class will focus on English, a broader cross-linguistic perspective will also be presented. The presentation of material will broadly follow Adger (2003), but also draw from other material when necessary.
Preliminary schedule:
Day 1: Categories, features and constituency
Day 2: Argument structure and theta roles
Day 3: Functional categories: TP
Day 4: Functional categories: DP
Day 5: Functional categories: CP
Recommended reading:
Adger, David (2003). Core Syntax. Oxford University Press: Oxford.
Additional reading:
Koeneman, Olaf & Hedde Zeijlstra (2017). Introducing Syntax. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.
Radford, Andrew (2009). Analysing English Sentences – A Minimalist Approach. Cambridge University Press: Cambridge.
Sportiche, Dominique, Hilda Koopman & Edward Stabler (2013). An Introduction to Syntactic Analysis and Theory. Wiley-Blackwell: Oxford.