New contact

There is an outage of the university electronic system from Friday 24th 17 PM till Sunday 26th 6 PM, thus they who´s e-mail address ends with “” can not reach their mail. If you need to contact Hana, please write to hana.strachonova AT Sorry for that.

Check-in for accommodation

Two things to know:

1) The check-in that takes place on Sunday 26th between 12 AM and 12 PM at the dorm is for accommodation only. You will not pay the registration fee there. We just want to know who has arrived and has started using the dorm.

2) We ask kindly all of you who will arrive earlier (on Friday, on Saturday, on Sunday in the morning) to stop by for the check-in mentioned above. We will sit in the lobby of the dorm. In case that you will arrive later (and you will be accommodated at the dorm) please write a message to Hana or find her at school (as soon as you arrive) to confirm your arrival.

Thank you!

Deadline for room-mates etc.

The deadline for room-mates requests and non-standard arrivals and departures (earlier / later than Sunday 26th July; later than Saturday 8th August) is Sunday 19th July. After that we will make the final list for the dorm manager and we can not make any changes. Please, contact Hana until Sunday 19th for your requests.