classes EGG16

Intro track


  1. George Walkden & Hedde Zeijlstra:
    Intro to syntax (two weeks)


  1. Clemens Mayr & Viola Schmitt
    Intro to semantics (two weeks)


  1. Maxime Papillon (Maryland)
    Introduction to substance-free phonology
  2. Noam Faust (Paris 8)
    What’s phonological in phonologically-conditioned allomorphy: an introduction to the phonology-morphology interface


Thematic classes


  1. Marcel den Dikken
    From GB to minimalism
  2. Marcel den Dikken
    Dependency and directionality
  3. Eva Dekany
    The structure of DP, with special reference to Hungarian
  4. George Walkden
    Syntactic change
  5. George Walkden
    Verb-second phenomena and clause structure
  6. Roberta d’Alessandro
    Syntactic agreement
  7. Roberta d’Alessandro
    Syntactic microvariation
  8. Hedde Zeijlstra
    Issues in the syntax-semantics interface


  1. Clemens Mayr & Viola Schmitt
    Precedence in semantics (2 weeks)
  2. Yasu Sudo
  3. Hedde Zeijlstra
    Issues in the syntax-semantics interface
  4. All semantics teachers
    Semantics Lab Classes

There is a mini-theme in phonology this year:
The relationship between phonology and phonetics is arbitrary [description]

  1. Maxime Papillon (Maryland)
    Reduplication in derivational theories
  2. Noam Faust (Paris 8)
    How real are roots and templates? Issues in non-concatenative morpho-phonology
  3. Silke Hamann (U Amsterdam)
    The phonetics-phonology interface in perception and production
  4. Tobias Scheer (U Nice)
    Why modularity predicts that the relationship between phonetics and phonology is arbitrary