EGG 2023 in Novi Sad

This year EGG is coming to Novi Sad in Serbia. Save the usual dates, last week in July and first week in August, 24 July – 4 August. The registration fee (which includes accommodation) will be 210 / 250 EUR.

You can look forward to the following teachers:

  • Aron Hirsch (ZAS Berlin)
  • Beáta Gyuris (Budapest)
  • Florian Breit (Bangor)
  • Geoff Schwartz (U Poznan)
  • Irina Burukina (Budapest)
  • Marcin Wagiel (Wrocław/Brno)  
  • Marko Simonović (Graz)
  • Moreno Mitrović (HU Berlin)
  • Neda Todorović (Toronto)
  • Nino Grillo (York)
  • Olga Borik (UNED)
  • Paula Fenger (Leipzig)
  • Željko Bošković (UConn)

Stay tuned for more!

Course certificates

If you need a certificate showing that you’ve attended courses, please:

1. From Wednesday morning onwards, grab ONE printed copy of the certificate in the Syntax room and fill out your full name and courses attended.
2. Drop the filled out form into a box in the Syntax room and collect it signed by the organizers on the following day or on Friday.
2′. If you are leaving earlier than Friday, come talk to András, Berit or Tobias.