Corpus linguistics workshop: Tuesday

In week 2 we continue with additional shorter events in the 5th time slot of the day (17:00-18:15). Some have already been posted on this page, and we are also adding a corpus linguistics workshop. So here is the programme for now:

  • Monday: LaTeX workshop (with András and Berit)
  • Tuesday: Corpus linguistics workshop (with Esra)
  • Wednesday …: Open podium

Additional mini course on statistics in week 1

Varvara Magomedova: Introduction to  statistics for linguistic experiments

In this workshop we will briefly discuss following questions:

  • Things to consider when planning an experiment (balance, fillers, protocols, control questions etc)
  • How to format stimuli, so all these things are easy to consider
  • How to format data, so you can easily calculate different kinds of statistics
  • Descriptive statistics
  • Mixed effects linear and logistic regressions
  • How to describe experimental design, descriptive statistics and significance from regression summaries in your paper

We will work in R environment with ready code, thoroughly commented, no prior knowledge of programming or math required.

Course material