Practical information – here we go

Here is how online-EGG will work from Monday on (info goes public late, sorry about that):

The kick-off meeting is on Monday, 26 July, at 10:30 CEST (Passcode: 448649). In this meeting, we’ll welcome you all to the summer school and walk you through the infrastructure we’ve set up. There are over 400 people registered… that’s a whole lot and an effect of the virtual venue. We are curious to see how many will actually be online at a given point in time.

Here is the schedule.

Zoom links for classes were sent to the email you registered with.

In Week 2, we’ll also have an Open Podium, an EGG favourite, where students can present some of their work (work in progress or a finished paper), discuss it with  peers and ask for suggestions in the form of Lightning talks! (5 min talk + 5 min questions). 

Class material is available on the “Classes” tab of this site.

Communication outside of classes: we’ve set up a space on GatherTown (password: “Rename Resonant” without quotes), where you can interact (chat and videochat) with other EGGers.

In addition, we set up a space on Matrix (to go you need to sign up), a communication platform similar to Slack and Discord. This space will remain available after the school is over and thus will be available as a platform for attendees and teachers.