Phono theme & lineup

The phonology bit of the EGG is thematic this year, around Substance-Free Phonology: what is it, how does it work, what are its consequences (e.g. regarding naturality, markedness, arbitrariness), what kind of things are present at birth, what are the different versions of SFP, by which properties are they different?

The following teachers will address these issues:

  1. Silke Hamann (U Amsterdam) – one class in week 2
  2. Alex Chabot (Maryland) – two classes, week 1+2
  3. Veno Volenec (Concordia) – two classes, week 1+2
  4. Pavel Iosad (Edinburgh) – one class, week 1
  5. Ollie Sayeed (Pennsylvania) – one class, week 1

P. Iosad’s class will be online (Pavel can’t make it to Brno), all others in person.

Stay tuned for class titles and abstracts…