Weekend activities

SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER (organized by Radek Iwankiewicz)
When: tonight at 10 P.M. 
Where: 1) the meeting point is in front of McDonald’s in the Main Square (Rynek) 
2) we’re heading to SZAJBA (club/pub with no entrance fee)

The local organizers have planned a city tour including a riverboat cruise on Satuday (starting at 1 P.M. in front of the EGG classes venue) and a trip to a nearby castle on Sunday. Check the details below.

Cocktail party/contest – this Friday!

For this classic EGG event, come up with a linguistic-related name for your cocktail (some inspiration “Strong Island Ice Tea”, “Syntax on the Beach”) and prepare it for others to taste it. We will then vote for the best cocktail in different categories (the traditional ones are: tastiest, best name, deadliest). Everyone can taste and vote!

UPDATE: We will have the tasting in the STUDY ROOM, 12th floor in the dorm. Starting time 9 pm.

UPDATE2: EGG Drag Contest conjoined with the cocktail party so if you’re into it, don’t you worry, it’s going to take place tonight shortly after the Cocktail Party i.e. around 10 P.M. (in the same room) so get ready to show us what you’ve got! 😉 This is how it was last year: https://www.facebook.com/groups/4836235291/permalink/10155824166650292/

Pub crawl tonight

When? Starting tonight at 8 P.M. & finishing some beers later… 😉

Where? The meeting place is in front of McDonald’s in the Main Square (Rynek)

Who are the leaders? Jeff, Petra Charvátová & Radek Iwankiewicz

Academic opportunities – Thursday 17.15

We will have a first open podium session on Academic opportunities and how to survive in academia tomorrow in the syntax room (208). Come if you want to hear about how to make most of academic opportunities out there, apply for PhD/PostDoc programme (Europe/US perspective) and much more or you have any questions in this area!

Open podium

Dear EGGers, as announced at the welcome meeting, we will have an Open podium where you can present some of your work (work in progress or a finished paper), discuss it with your peers and ask for suggestions in a 5-15 min slot, followed by questions and feedback. It will all be very informal and time permitting we’ll in principle include everybody (on a first-come-first-served basis).

Send a title with your name, affiliation, approximate length (and optionally a short abstract) to petracharvat@gmail.com if you intend to present. Deadline is Friday midnight, a schedule will be made and announced. Presentations to take place in week 2.