Lots more syntax/semantics courses added!

Hi everyone! LOTS more syntax and semantics courses have been added to the EGG website. Check them all out on the EGG page here: https://eggschool.org/teachers-classes/advanced-courses/

We have new courses by Eva Csipak, Amy Rose DealJakub Dotlačil, Andrew Nevins, Jeffrey K. Parrott, and Gary Thoms added to the syn/sem courses that were already on there by Ryan Bochnak, Berit Gehrke and András Bárány. This completes our syn/sem courses at the Olomouc school and they look very exciting. A hearty welcome to all the teachers!


  • We will keep registration open *another week* (till June 17) so please hurry to register by then!
  • There will be a variation and experimental theme underlying our syntax/semantics research courses at the EGG this year!