FAQ – practical information

1. Do I need Visa?

Generally, it is up to you to find out about your travel arrangements;  we cannot predict the situation for every person visiting the school. Have a look at the official site for visa application (which will also tell you whether you need a visa or not). Two more links [1] [2] provide further explanation.

There is also a hotline of the Georgian consular office: +995 32 294 50 50 and +995 577 98 40 20. Mail: consulinfo@mfa.gov.ge. Consular office web-site.

Although obtaining a visa is primarily your responsibility, the local organizers will do their best to assist you as much as possible. In case of need we can send you a letter confirming your participation in the School. Should you request a letter, please write to rus_asatiani@hotmail.com  indicating your first and last name, date of birth, passport number and validity term.


2. Accommodation

2.1. Where will the school participants be accommodated?
In a hotel in Lagodekhi: GFF HOTEL (which is the hotel of the Georgian Football Association), Tavisufleba Street N91 (see pics [1] [2]).

2.2. When should I arrive/depart?
The school starts on Monday July 25th and ends on Friday August 5th. Most people will arrive on Sunday July 24th and leave on Saturday August 6th. These 13 nights are included in the fee.

If you want to arrive a day earlier (Saturday July 23rd) or leave a day later, that’s also possible, but you’ll have to pay for the extra dorm night(s). The rate for these extra days is 21 GEL (about 8,75 Euros) per bed and per night. It would be helpful to know ahead of time whether you want accommodation for the day before / after the school. Once you know about this, please send an e-mail to anakolkhidashvili@yahoo.com so we can get an estimate of extra beds needed. You need to do this NO LATER than on 10 July.

2.3. What kind of rooms will be available?
You will stay in double rooms. Bed sheets, towels, and soap are provided. Each room has a bathroom. Wi-Fi is available in the dorm. Also, free coffee and tea is available.

2.4. Can I choose my roommates?
Yes. Please write to anakolkhidashvili@yahoo.com before your arrival indicating your preferences. The deadline for this  is July, 10th.


3. How do I get to Lagodekhi?
Note that

  • taxi drivers are supposed to speak English
  • the current exchange rate is: 1 GEL = 0,4 Euros.

3.1. Airport –> Lagodekhi
a) From Tbilisi International Airport
Two options, cheap and expensive:

  • you take a taxi directly from the airport to Lagodekhi (120 GEL).
  • you first take a taxi to Isani Metro station in Tbilisi (taxi price: 15-20 GEL) and then either a long-distance taxi (10 GEL) or a micro-bus (7 GEL) to Lagodekhi. See the map for local orientation. When you face the Metro entrance, there is a crossing street with traffic lights to your right, with little markets everywhere. This is the street from where micro-buses and taxis are leaving to Lagodekhi. If you ask someone for “Lagodekhi?”, you will be directed to the place where taxis and micro-buses are waiting for passengers.

b) From Kutaisi International Airport
Unfortunately there is no direct transport from Kutaisi to Lagodekhi. You first need to go to Tbilisi and then to Lagodekhi. Two options: by mico-bus or by train.

  • First take a taxi at the Kutaisi airport and tell the driver to go to “Kutaisi McDonalds” (see the pic). Price: 20 GEL.
  • At the McDonalds there are micro-buses that take you to Tbilisi in 3,5 hours.


  • at the airport, ask the taxi driver to go to Samtredia Train Station (price 30 – 35 GEL).
  • There are two trains a day: 9.40am (arrives 1.25pm in Tbilisi), 6.40pm (arrives 8.05 in Tbilisi). The ticket costs 18 GEL. Phone number of Georgian railway: +995 32 2199010.
  • At Tbilisi train station, take a local taxi to Isani Metro Station (price: 8 GEL), then see description above.

3.2. In Lagodekhi

Mini-buses arrive at the Lagodekhi bus station (Zakatli Street), which is in walking distance of the hotel (Futbol Federasiyasinin, Tavisufleba Street): 1,8 km. The way is shown on this map.


Emergency number (to the local orgs):

Ana Kolkhidashvili +995 593 75 76 59, anakolkhidashvili@yahoo.com
Rusudan Asatiani +995 598 41 04 24, rus_asatiani@hotmail.com