Elan Dresher – Topics in Contrastive Hierarchy Theory

This course follows the course on Foundations of Contrastive Hierarchy Theory, but is open to anyone interested in the subject. The course will include discussion and empirical investigation of a number of key issues in the theory of contrast as well as challenges to the tenets of Contrastive Hierarchy Theory. The choice of topics and readings will be influenced by the participants in the course, but the following outline indicates the types of questions we will investigate.

Course Outline

1. ontrastive Hierarchy Theory is founded on the central role of contrast, but is contrast even relevant to phonology? We will look at some old and new claims that it is not.

Readings: Kiparsky (1965); Hale & Reiss (2008), Pöchtrager & Kaye (2013); Dresher (2014a); Reiss (2017); Mackenzie (2018).

2. Contrastive Hierarchy Theory: Is it unfalsifiable or is it false? What sorts of evidence could falsify it in principle? What sorts of empirical challenges have been brought against it?

Readings: Clements (2001); Hall (2007); Dresher (2013); Nevins (2015); Hall (2018).

3. Alternative theories that give a role to contrast: arguments for and against.

Readings: Dresher (2009: Chapter 8) and selected readings cited there.

4. Does Contrastive Hierarchy Theory apply if the phonological primes are not binary features but unary elements?

Readings: Scheer (2010); Carvalho (2011); Voeltzel & Tifrit (2013); Dresher (2014b); Voeltzel (2016); Dresher (2018).

5. Topic and readings TBA, based on class interest.

Selected Readings (links to pdfs to come…)

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