Opening party

UPDATE: Someone will walk a group from the dorm at 18:45, and Jeff will walk a group from the university at 18:30. For those who signed up in the morning, food will be served between 19:30-20:00. For those who didn’t, you can order at the restaurant but you must do so before 20:30 and you will have to wait a little bit longer 🙂

Monday’s opening party will be at Restaurace Goliáš (1. máje 12: Monday at 19:00. Please check the menu below; we will send around a sign up sheet tomorrow morning during opening remarks and the first classes 

1 Tomato soup with sweet basil vegan 43CZK
2 Pickled “Hermelín” cheese (kind of camembert) vegetarian 48CZK
3 “Ondráš” pork cutlet fried in potato pancake with small salad 138CZK
4 “Ondráš” chicken breast fried in potato pancake with small salad 138CZK
5 Grilled salmon steak with herb butter, homemade pan roasted potatoes with onions and marjoram 224CZK
6 Crepes stuffed with spinach and mushrooms, baked with cheese vegetarian 119CZK
7 Vegetarian risotto with grilled fresh vegetables, mushrooms and sesame oil, parmesan vegetarian 123CZK
8 Vegetarian risotto with grilled fresh vegetables, mushrooms and sesame oil vegan 123CZK
9 Mixed vegetable salad vegan 44CZK

Checking in at the dorms

The reception of the dorms is open all day except for 5-6 am and pm, so no need to worry if you are arriving late.

The EGG registrarion will take place on Sunday 23rd, 2-8pm at the reception of the dorms, as well. If you won’t be arriving during this time, please, register on Monday (or when you arrive) in the EGG office/Library at the summer school venue.

Registrations definite

rEGGistered participants, the cancellation period is over! check if you are over- or underrepresented in the final list or participants:…/registered-part…/564374.html…

if you are, drop a line at marten.stelling at

Lots more syntax/semantics courses added!

Hi everyone! LOTS more syntax and semantics courses have been added to the EGG website. Check them all out on the EGG page here:

We have new courses by Eva Csipak, Amy Rose DealJakub Dotlačil, Andrew Nevins, Jeffrey K. Parrott, and Gary Thoms added to the syn/sem courses that were already on there by Ryan Bochnak, Berit Gehrke and András Bárány. This completes our syn/sem courses at the Olomouc school and they look very exciting. A hearty welcome to all the teachers!


  • We will keep registration open *another week* (till June 17) so please hurry to register by then!
  • There will be a variation and experimental theme underlying our syntax/semantics research courses at the EGG this year!

Registered people so far

The list of registered participants as of a couple of minutes ago is up here:…/registered-parti…/564374.html

Note, though, that you will find that you will have to scroll all the way to the bottom to find it.

If you see yourself missing from the list when you feel like you shouldn’t be, just register again.