EGG 2020 in Novi Sad

EGG is waking up from hibernation… This year the school will be held in the lovely city of Novi Sad / Serbia. We move a week forth wrt the traditional schedule (in order not to overlap with the CreteLing), thus going from August 3rd to August 14th. Keep an eye on the blog, the FAQ for Novi Sad (practical information) is coming soon, and also teachers and classes will be coming in.

more Dresher-Reiss

In Vladimir Kulikov’s class last week there was a match between team Dresher and team Reiss about whether contrast does (Dresher) or does not (Reiss) impact phonological computation.
We are enough to feel like we want to continue the debate, and that will be tomorrow (Tuesday) in the middle afternoon slot (3:00-4:15) in a room on floor 1.
We will discuss a response that E. Dresher has sent over the week-end, addressing the issues that were discussed in the previous class.