Practical information – here we go

Here is how online-EGG will work from Monday on (info goes public late, sorry about that):

The kick-off meeting is on Monday, 26 July, at 10:30 CEST (Passcode: 448649). In this meeting, we’ll welcome you all to the summer school and walk you through the infrastructure we’ve set up. There are over 400 people registered… that’s a whole lot and an effect of the virtual venue. We are curious to see how many will actually be online at a given point in time.

Here is the schedule.

Zoom links for classes were sent to the email you registered with.

In Week 2, we’ll also have an Open Podium, an EGG favourite, where students can present some of their work (work in progress or a finished paper), discuss it with  peers and ask for suggestions in the form of Lightning talks! (5 min talk + 5 min questions). 

Class material is available on the “Classes” tab of this site.

Communication outside of classes: we’ve set up a space on GatherTown (password: “Rename Resonant” without quotes), where you can interact (chat and videochat) with other EGGers.

In addition, we set up a space on Matrix (to go you need to sign up), a communication platform similar to Slack and Discord. This space will remain available after the school is over and thus will be available as a platform for attendees and teachers.

pratical information soon here

We are currently fine-tuning the tech for the Egg, the information about the items below will be available here by Friday latest:

  • zoom, gathertown, matrix
  • kick-off meeting Monday July 26th before the first class
  • zoom links for classes
  • certificates

No virtual EGG, see you in Novi Sad next year

We have discussed whether there should be a virtual version of the EGG this year (either synchronous or asynchronous). What you say in the spreadsheet is a mixed bag. An important argument made there, in our view, is the fact that much of the EGG and much of its attractivity lies in extra-classroom interaction. And hence that a virtual EGG wouldn’t be an EGG. We have thus decided not to go virtual.

We have also decided to try to make a copy of the 2020 EGG in 2021: same location, same teachers. Provided, of course, they will be able to come in 2021. Maybe with the same classes for those that had already be announced, but there may be updates, or teachers may change their mind in a year’s time.

So see you all, hopefully, in 2021 in Novi Sad !

Caught by Corona

We said Corona doesn’t exist at the EGG until it does, and that moment has now come: we are desperate to have to cancel the 2020 edition of the EGG. Stay tuned, we’ll tell you about the next steps when we have news. But sure in the meantime you may continue using the spreadsheet in order to spread your tears…

Here is how things have played out. There are a number of relevant factors, every single one being able to kill the school. Among them are: dorm accessibility, classroom accessibility, teachers being able to attend, students being able to attend, international travel from and to Novi Sad, general sanitary regulations in Serbia and possibly other countries (people would travel through). The school could survive only if every single one of them were set to green. Since Corona-related things are rapidly moving these days, we have postponed our decision

We have worked on these factors as much as we could in order to get information in. The poll was one element of that. It turns out to be a mixed bag, some prospective students say they would attend in person, others that they won’t. One point that was made by a number of spreadsheed entries is that an important piece of the EGG takes place outside of the classroom, and that this contributes a lot to its attractivity. If Corona restrictions prevent or inhibit interaction onsite, that’s a substantial downside (and this was also mentioned by those who would miss this part if the EGG went virtual). And of course, relating to the poll, it wouldn’t make sense to have a real EGG with, say, 20 students.

So here is some information. Serbian airports are open, but this does not mean that you can fly in and out: airlines need to reestablish their connections. Land borders are or will be open without (Serbian) quarantaine, but that does not mean everybody can reach Serbian land borders. Dorms and classrooms are available (this was confirmed by local University authorities), but Corona restrictions apply: masks and gloves everywhere on campus, and classroom capacity cut by two thirds. The latter is a serious handicap: the biggest room designed for 200 people boils down to 66, and the two smaller rooms to 40. On regular attendance that won’t do. The final push that killed the school was teacher attendance: some teachers were not able to make it to Novi Sad, for a number of reasons (one factor here are travel bans issued by their home Universities).

So that’s it for now, sadly…. Hope you all stay on board for the next steps: the EGG is dead, long live the EGG!

Poll: would you attend?

As announced, we will see what the Corona situation looks like by the end of May, to determine whether the school is still standing. One input for that is you: if nobody would attend the school anyway for Corona reasons even if the local and traval situation allowed for coming to Novi Sad, there would be no school.

So if you are a prospective student, could you please answer the following question on this shared spreadsheet (if you don’t want to leave your name or prefer a nickname that’s fine of course) :

if the travel and local situation allowed for attending the EGG in Novi Sad in August, would you attend?

Thanks and hopefully see you there…

Corona and the EGG

We said we pretend Corona does not exist while organizing the Novi Sad EGG, but we can’t do that forever. Here is what we plan to do:

  1. evaluate the situation (travel, dorm, sanitary regulations) by the end of May.
  2. if the school is still standing against all odds then, do registration in June.
  3. In order to get an idea of how you students feel about the situation and whether you plan to register & attend, we may ask for your feedback during the last week of May.

Stay tuned…

no Corona at the EEG

For the time being we pretend there is no Corona anywhere, everybody will be able to come to Novi Sad and the dorms will be working. We may be wrong of course, but only time will tell. What is for sure is that if we don’t get prepared now there will be no school even if the world is Corona-clean in August. So stay tuned…