Closing party with cocktail contest

We will have a closing party in Gathertown tonight (Thursday) from 19:00.

The cocktail contest is a classic EGG event, for which you come up with a linguistic-related name for your cocktail (some inspiration “Strong uninterpretable seizures”, “Syntax on the Beach”) and prepare it for others to taste. We would then vote for the best cocktail in different categories (the traditional ones are: tastiest, best name, deadliest). This year, it will be all about cocktail names. Prepare yourself one and come enjoy it with others!

Open podium call

Dear EGGers, as announced, we will have an Open podium where you can present some of your work (work in progress or a finished paper), discuss it with your peers, ask for suggestions in the form of Lightning talks (5 min talk + 5 min questions/feedback). It will all be very informal and time permitting we’ll in principle include everybody (on a first-come-first-served basis).

If you want to present, send an email with subject line Open podium including a title of your talk, your name, affiliation and a short abstract to Deadline is Friday midnight, and a schedule will be announced by Monday. Presentations are to take place in week 2 on Tuesday and/or Wednesday after classes.

organized by Julia Cataldo, Lucas Cruz and Wiebke Petersen

Registration open for online EGG 2021!

Registration is now open and there is no fee. Click on the following link to register and use the email you will use when attending online: Please register by July 15th – so that we can plan with how many attendees we should count. When you register, you will see a confirmation screen (no email will be sent). For questions, contact us at: