Lots more syntax/semantics courses added!

Hi everyone! LOTS more syntax and semantics courses have been added to the EGG website. Check them all out on the EGG page here: http://www.eggschool.org/teachers-classes/advanced-courses/

We have new courses by Eva Csipak, Amy Rose DealJakub Dotlačil, Andrew Nevins, Jeffrey K. Parrott, and Gary Thoms added to the syn/sem courses that were already on there by Ryan Bochnak, Berit Gehrke and András Bárány. This completes our syn/sem courses at the Olomouc school and they look very exciting. A hearty welcome to all the teachers!


  • We will keep registration open *another week* (till June 17) so please hurry to register by then!
  • There will be a variation and experimental theme underlying our syntax/semantics research courses at the EGG this year!

First round of courses announced!

Course descriptions for the 2017 Olomouc School are coming in! Here’s our first round of course titles and descriptions from the syntax and semantics team:

Ryan Bochnak/Berit Gehrke: Introduction to Semantics (2 week course)

Advanced Semantics Courses:

And one Advanced Syntax course:

Stay tuned for more!

Last round: Syntax teachers

Here are the Syntax teachers at the Olomouc EGG school this summer!

As is standard, some of our teachers will only be there for one of the weeks, others will be there for both. All will be revealed in due course. But this is the full list of teachers. And it’s looking pretty awesome. Stay tuned in the coming months for info. on registration, courses etc!